“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake.”
- Francis Bacon

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Can we find bliss eating cuppy♥cakes & celebrating Pink Saturday by not trying on bathing suits?

My gosh, PINK SATURDAY has rushed at us again. It seems like my days are just zooming by with weeks and months seeming like dreams. First, and always, a big thanks to Beverly over at How Sweet the Sound who is hostess to this wonderful, pink-a-licious event each week.

This week I don't really have a theme or method to my madness. I just walked around, found something funny or cute or sweet that I wanted to share and told it to smile as I snapped its photo. Most of the items came from my dining room with one that kinda moves from room to room as my mood changes.

Bliss...something all of us seek at one time or another. Bliss can be very elusive...and is often fleeting. The pink roses are something I asked the artist to add for me as they are all over my home, peeking at you from door knobs, on walls, nestled in the folds of fabric and, especially, in my summer gardens that surround the house.

Another cutie pie from my dining room are these sweet, but no-calorie cuppy♥cakes that I purchased from a local crafter. I just love them with their tiny bows and little sparklies here and there. Light as air, just as we hope all of our cuppy♥cakes to be, they rest on a shelf that holds some of my very dearest treasures...some that I will share with you in the weeks to come.

I wasn't too sure if I'd share something as plain and regular with you as Easter basket grass, but I just love this stuff. When I found it I was just thrilled, if you can imagine a grown woman being thrilled over shredded paper, but I sure was because, of course, it's pink but also because it isn't plastic or cellophane. It's paper. Just regular, ordinary paper. I like the simplicity and the very soft coloration. I bought all they had (I'm compulsive about pink) and realized that I had way more than one person could use in a life-time so listed the rest in my Etsy shop and on eBay.

This clock caught my eye several summer's ago at an arts and crafts fair on the Sainte Mary's River where I live in northern Michigan. After a time, it ended up on my dining room wall along with my "bliss". Luckily, I have a very large dining room with high ceilings to hold all of the goodies I bring in the back door. I have a well used hammer that follows me around whenever I get that, "Now where am I going to hang this?", look on my face.

I'm sharing again the darling pillow sent to me by my PAY IT FORWARD partner, Jennifer. If you'd like to know more about this event, please read my blog entry directly below. Lots of interest, but not many takers...hmmm, too busy, or just not wanting the obligation...don't know.

And, last, but not least...this little gal, who makes me chuckle each and every time I read her billboard reminding me that I shouldn't have eaten that second cookie or helped myself to that larger-than-normal serving of double-dutch chocolate cake. Usually I really do breathe a sigh of relief because there is no way I want to be trying on bathing suits right now...at least not for a couple of months. And my hair...it might not be pink but there have been mornings when the birdie and I have a LOT in common!

Remember, be sure visit as many Pink Saturday participants as you can today and throughout the weekend. I am always so amazed at what is shared each week.
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Sunday, March 08, 2009

PAY IT FORWARD ~ Good for you, good for someone else, good for everyone!

Multiplying like hotcakes at a logging camp, Pay it Forward, is touching blog-land at every corner where wonderful people gather. I first read about this event at Jennifer's blog, sit-n-chat.

I am a person who believes in the concept that goodness, care and kind treatment of others can be multiplied by how we treat others, often when they least expect it. So, after reading Jennifer's post a few times and after thinking long and hard, I responded.

Yesterday, much earlier than a year later, my postman handed me a box. To tell you the truth Pay it Forward wasn't on my mind at the time (I had been chopping ice) so when I opened the box to find a darling, adorable, feminine and perfect for me goodie, I sat down in my kitchen and felt warmed, happy and so totally sure that goodness in this world does exist...you just have to find the right people. Truly, just as my goodie suggests, I will celebrate life each and every day and remember Jennifer fondly in my daily celebration.

So, I'm Paying it Forward with hope that three lovely people who drop by my blog in the next few days will let me know that they, too, would like to feel the warmth of friendship I experienced yesterday afternoon. I will gather your names and addresses and send you a handmade item so that you, too, can Pay it Forward on your blog.

Here is what you need to do if you participate:
  • The first three people who leave a comment letting me know they want to participate will receive a hand-made gift from me.
  • Those three people promise to post this challenge on their blog and pledge that they, too, will Pay it Forward, creating a handmade gift for the first three people that leave a comment on their blog.
  • The gift can be any price range, though it is thought that keeping it small will be sufficient. You have 365 days to make and ship your gift. I will send you your gift long before a year from now and most arrive well before a year has passed. I will choose my gift by watching your blog for a little while to get to know you better so I make just the right goodie.
  • If you would like to participate, just leave a comment telling me your intention and then copy this post on your blog changing names, etc. so that you can Pay it Forward to three others. In time we will blanket blog-land with good thoughts for others and a sense that the world is populated by thoughtful people who Pay it Forward as a matter of fact.
Even if you feel that you do not want to participate, a comment is more than welcome about the the Pay it Forward concept. To those of you who do chose to participate, welcome! This is going to be so much fun. I truly to give gifts! Again, thank you Jennifer for the darling gift with a message I will cherish each and every day.
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