“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake.”
- Francis Bacon

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Tiny pink noses & little pink toes-ez, teeny pink chicks & slippers with bows-ez...my Pink Saturday fun!

I confess, I'm sharing a couple of things that will be going into my grandchildren's Easter baskets and since four of them I have to mail, the goodies are making their appearance a week early for Pink Saturday over at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound.

First to make an entrance are the little slippers that will be in my grand-daughter Rachel's basket. When I saw those (the only pair left), I grabbed them like they were the last candy bar in the store. I just couldn't believe my eyes that I had scored such cutie pies for my faorite Cutie Patootie!

Rachel will also be the new mommy to this sweet, pink bunny. My gosh, they didn't make stuffed animals like these when I had babies. Nowadays, they are just so soft and cuddly and in the most darling colors, too.

The pink Peeps are also going to be in Rachel's basket (blue for the boys). This year she will be opening a box loaded with pink goodies and...guess what...pink is her favorite color...how lucky am I? I know...I know...I'm LUCKY!

I thought you'd like to see my tiny, pink chenille chicks all nestled in their fluffy, feather nest. After I get done with this blog entry, I'm gonna get on my jammies and tell those guys to move on over cuz it sure looks snuggly in there!

Each and every time I walk by this happy, happy bunny rabbit I just MUST smile. The expression on his face is pure bliss and who could resist tickling those pink toes or tweaking his tiny, pink nose? He sits on my kitchen table giving me a little lift several times each day. In fact, he may not go back into hiding after Easter. I need him around...

Isn't this curly gal just too cute? Found her on eBay along with some of her brothers and sisters. All of them live in a basket here at my place now that they've made it from Washington State to northern Michigan. So far they've told me that living here with me isn't all that ba-a-a-a-d! (Bad joke, I know, but couldn't resist. Shame on me! Blue spot on her body is basket filler.)

Pink feathers, who in the world can resist pink feathers? This pink boa, when not being photographed, is part of a "dress up" box I have set aside for Rachel.

Pulling up the rear is my pink Teddy. This guy sits on a shelf in my dining room. Funny, the whole room is fairly formal, but when I brought Teddy home he never made it upstairs to my bedroom or into the grandkids' toy room. Until he gets weary of sitting on that shelf or until I think he needs to take a nap...the shelf is where he'll stay.

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday, everyone. Spring is in the air, God is in His Heaven, and all is right with the world, at least my little corner, and I pray yours as well.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

In celebration of being a mother, a woman, a female & in celebration of BEAUTY and LIFE...

Sometimes when you least expect a little gem to fall right in your lap...like a sparkling, falling star...you come upon something, quite by accident, in cyberspace. You take a chance, click an icon and sit back waiting to be amused or possibly unimpressed. This made me smile and feel happy and to appreciate the fact that I am alive and found this soft and sweet piece of video. Sit back, enjoy and please share with everyone you love because a message like this is not meant to be hidden.