“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake.”
- Francis Bacon

Friday, July 24, 2009

There's pet hair in my soup! It must be Pink Saturday at Mimi's house!

Welcome to Pink Saturday at Our Family Attic! I have the grands here for the weekend so I guess you could say I couldn't get out of the kitchen☺ This week you get to see more of my kitchen goodies and two friends that hold a special place in my heart.

These cookbooks hold some of the sweetest (sorry for the pun) ideas for parties, gifts and goodies to make for the special people in your life. I'm including a photo of the recipe for Capri-cones because I think it's just so clever to use an egg carton to hold them upright as you make them! What a great idea.

Next, what in the world would I do without my KitchenAid? Heck, I honestly don't know. I was raised in a home where my mother used hers nearly daily for just about anything you could imagine. Baking, sausage making, meat grinding and oodles of concoctions that made tummies smile all over Saginaw. When I married one of these beauties was presented to me by my mom. I used it for many years until I spied this pink model and just couldn't resist...who could?

OK, you're wondering what I need three shakers for on the table, aren't you? One for salt, one for pepper and one for Mrs. Dash!
Pulling up the rear is another shot of my lovely Camille Suzanne. She asked me to show everyone her velvety, pink ears. She was in the middle of grooming so she's on her back and was just getting ready to clean one of her dainty, little feet.
Camille Suzanne has been taking up a lot of Pink Saturday space on my blog. Recently Scout mentioned to me that he'd like to make an appearance. When I took this shot I had just asked him if he was a good boy and wanted a cookie. Well, you can see what he answered, plain as day! Not only is this guy cute and sweet and kind, he has a great pink tongue that he's sharing with you today!

There you have it...my Pink Saturday for the week. Please be sure to visit Beverly over at HOW SWEET THE SOUND. She's a wonderful hostess and has a list of dozens of blogs who are celebrating that little bit of pinkness that is inside all of us.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Grab someone you l♥ve today~Life is so temporary

My heart broke Saturday afternoon when I found out that a blog I just adore lost its creator, Stacey Wolfley. This wonderful, young mother died of a stroke barely two weeks after the birth of her fourth child - a gorgeous little boy.

My mind is still reeling trying to make sense of a world where a mother with so many who need her could be taken away from her family. If you take the time to view her blog you will find a creative young woman who obviously loved her children deeply. A young person who had oh, so much to do yet here on earth. Now there is a little baby without his mother. Young children without a mommy. A young husband left alone to raise his family. A home filled with memories of happier times.

Events like this rock my world. They don't have rhyme nor reason. Stacey, wherever you are, please know that hundreds, possibly thousands, of people are remembering you.

To those of you reading this entry of mine, get up, grab someone you love and whisper into their ear how much they mean to you and how lonely you would be if they were gone.