“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake.”
- Francis Bacon

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pink bloggers and pink goodies, I ♥ Pink Saturday!

This week for PINK SATURDAY I am featuring a blog that is not only filled with some of the most engaging photos, the "lady of the blog" is so welcoming and gracious, TREASURES from the HEART.

Her dream of having her own brick and mortar shop finally became a reality - not all that long ago, either. If you are ever in the Eugene, Oregon area look up the Treasures from the Heart gift shop for a little eye-candy (see her blog for photos of the shop from packed boxes to completed displays) and warm conversation.

Now, what do I have for you this week? I thought and thought and then - there it was, right before my eyes. Our sweet blogging friend over at CONTENTED in WEST LAFAYETTE notified me a few weeks ago that I had won her wonderful giveaway! I must enter a zillion of those things a day and never win a thing, winning was a HUGE surprise and a special event for little ol' moi.

However, each and every Pink Saturday since I received my giveaway box, I kept forgetting to "show and tell". In fact, I took so long that I ate the candy (YUM) that she included and have already placed the festive fall table runner under my punkin' in the family room (I've been bad, I know). I think the runner will be the subject of another blog entry closer to the end of the month.

You can just imagine how thrilled I was when I found this lovely bowl in my gift box. My little pinkie heart nearly burst with happiness when I saw all of those roses and my twinkling eyes danced from blossom to blossom - they still are!

In the same box was the original object of the giveaway - what could be better than mixing PINK and CHOCOLATE! Another over-the-top score for me mixed with unabashed thankfulness. In addition, there were some PINK Breast Cancer Awareness candies that I've tucked into my purse to keep me all minty fresh when out and about☺But the enclosed chocolates are gone - all gone, because they were calling to me and I just couldn't ignore them. I am SO weak!

You MUST go visit CONTENTED in WEST LAYFAYETTE. Not only does this whirlwind gal blog, she has a daycare, quilts and has just opened an ETSY shop. Oh, and did I mention that she's having another giveaway this week? Yes, she sure is!

And, speaking of giveaways, you should see the one at A CHARMING HOME. Exquisite is the first word that comes to mind for me.

Pulling up the rear again is the lovely, soft as whipped cream and cute -as-a-button, Miss Camille Suzanne who wanted to share with you her favorite snoozing pose and a PURRfectly pink ear!

Have fun this week. The sun has been shining in upper Michigan for the past few days, although it is so cold my nose is blue - but I'm not going to complain because the sun is the sun and I ♥ the sun!

Don't forget to travel through cyberspace visiting all of the wonderful people who participate in Beverly's Pink Saturday over at HOW SWEET the SOUND. I promise, you will not be disappointed!

Before you leave, I hope you have time to check out my family favorites recipe blog, STANDING AT THE KITCHEN DOOR. You'll find some of the best home cooking with ingredients that are right in your pantry so you won't have to go out to buy some exotic spice you'll never use again! Sign up to follow my blog now because over the coming weeks I'll be posting some of the best and easy holiday recipes that have ever passed lips! ALL recipes can be quickly printed right from your computer.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Glam punkin's for that non-traditional entryway or interior decor

Some of us just can't use three or four pumpkins full of seeds during the holidays. We don't want the mess of carving or of disposing of the carcass' once the holidays have come and gone. This is the perfect solution. Buy ones that you can carve - but aren't real - and decorate to suit your decor! If you want to place these outside, I suggest that you weigh down the insides with a brick or some small rocks so the wind won't blow all of your hard work down the street

Photo courtesy of BH&G

* Artificial carvable pumpkins
* Spray paint in your choice of colors. Paint to your decor or your imagination or your sense of whimsey
* Black acrylic paint
* Paintbrush
* Craft tape in circle shapes
* Black glitter
* Matte finish spray 


1. Spray-paint each of the pumpkins the desired color, following the manufacturer's instructions. Paint the stem black; let dry.

2. To add dots, remove the craft-tape circle shapes one at a time from the backing sheet and press onto the pumpkins in a random fashion.

3. Peel off the red liner from each shape and sprinkle glitter onto the circle, pressing the glitter down with your fingertip if desired.

4. Spray all surfaces of the pumpkins with matte finish.

Monday, October 12, 2009

♥Let's do the mouth - the monster mouth!♥

Nothing is more fun or more sweet or produces more giggles than these darling treats for after school or on the weekend after raking leaves and walking the dog. This one is a keeper for sure. The grandkids have a blast making and eating them and I love to make them, too! These are easy enough for even the tiniest of fingers to give them a try. Who cares what they look like - fun is the name of the game!


* 2 medium green or red apples (I like to use Granny Smith because they help to cut the sweetness)
* 1/3 cup peanut butter
* 1/3 cup candy corn


1. Core apples; cut each into 8 thick slices. Make each moth by spreading about 1 teaspoon of the peanut butter on an apple slice. Add about 5 pieces candy corn for teeth.
2. Spread another apple slice with about 1 teaspoon peanut butter; press on top of first apple slice. Makes 4 servings.

More Halloween and fall recipes can be found at Standing at the Kitchen Door. Try it, you might like it☺