“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake.”
- Francis Bacon

Saturday, March 07, 2009

What color is a kitten's nose, a baby elephant, polka dots, lemonade, little toes & my window to the world? Come on...let's celebrate PINK SATURDAY!

I have thought and thought and thought about why in the world PINK is a color that I literally gravitate to...in my home, shopping, tag sales, food, paint, wallpaper, clothes, the ears and nose of my kitty, Camille. Pink elephants? You betcha! Pink lemonade? Sure! Pink polka dots? Give me dozens! I don't have a clue why it attracts me, but it does and I l♥ve it!

For years I used the PC in my office, getting it updated frequently, polishing it, using it with care and consideration for the valuable machine it was to my daily life. I could e-mail my sister in California, attach the newest photo of my pet or grandchild or renovation on my home, hit the send icon and think, "Wow, isn't this cool?" I was content and happy and serene.

My PC and my office were my haven from the rest of the world and my portal to adventure and knowledge. I could go to India or Zanzibar or find the best recipe for Tiramisu that cyberspace had to offer. I could check out the sales at my local grocery store, order a new pair of boots from Penney's, pay my bills, or subscribe to a magazine in a heartbeat.

I was as happy as could be in my little home office with my cherished PC. My trusted and reliable friend. Then, out of nowhere I saw IT. There IT was in all of its PINKNESS. My heart beat like a wild drum nearly popping out of my chest. My eyes grew as big as saucers. Drool, let's not even discuss the moisture that dripped from my chin. There IT was on my TV screen, A PINK LAPTOP! I thought I was going to faint right then and there. Oh, my, could it be? Should I? Could I? Would I? You betcha I would, in a heartbeat and I ordered the little, pink mouse, too. Ohmygosh, an adorable pinkie mousie for my pinkie laptop. Could life be any better? Uhm, well...maybe.

Next I checked out eBay for a tote to hold all of my darling pinkie's accessories and books and programs. I just knew that there would be a pink one for me to buy if I entered the right search. Who cared how much it cost...my new pinkie laptop would deserve to have the very best home available with a little spot to tuck in the sweet pinkie mousie when it went night-night at the end of the day. Pinkie laptop would need a safe place to snuggle when she wasn't taking me to places on the other side of the world or helping me pay bills or plan my weekly menu.

I was hyperventilating waiting for the UPS dude to arrive. When he finally made it to my house, I was about to grab him by the collar and pull him up my porch steps to get my hands on my parcel when he finally made it to my front door. I signed for my purchase and nearly lopped off his nose as I slammed the front door. I needed to check out my new sweetie pinkie and he'd just have to understand about his nosebleed. "Oh, my, just look at it", I thought...pink, pink, pink! I was literally swooning with excitement and filled with am♥ur. I gently took pinkie out of her container and held her like a newborn babe. MINE ALL MINE! Clutching my new pinkie laptop to my breast I sat down at my kitchen table and counted all of my little, pink blessings.

Next on my list was a new camera, of course, it just MUST match my pinkie laptop. After all, what if I was outside in my garden surfing the web for the latest bulbs and seeds and wanted to snap a photo of the latest blooms on my Sweet Peas to send to the Garden Club Ladies? I couldn't have the neighbors see me with my darling pinkie and a plain Jane black camera, nope, not ever. Horrors! We must keep up our pinkie appearances!

A trip to Wal*Mart took care of my pink camera fetish along with a pink case to house the little gal when she wasn't being used to snap photos of whatever little pinkie thing my heart desired.

Reading pinkies and sun pinkies.
A girl has to be prepared for all pinkie occasions.

The next time you celebrate PINK SATURDAY over at How Sweet the Sound and you come by my place to see what I'm sharing, remember: I put on my pink glasses, grabbed my pinkie camera and took some sweet pinkie pictures just for you. When I was satisfied with my delightful pinkie snapshots, I sat down at my kitchen table (pink), slid pinkie laptop out of its pinkie tote, grabbed my pinkie mousie and created a page on my blog dripping with darling, cute, swell, cuddly pinkie goodies to delight you right down to your pinkie piggy toes!

After you go over to see Beverly, stop by Tristan's place, Enchanted Revelry. He's celebrating his 50th follower with the most lovely Tussie Mussie giveaway.
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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Scavenger hunt in a small town and turning it up-side-down or Matthew 7:7

A few days ago I received not quite a message from the Lord, but a wish granted, so to speak. My little corner of this planet is really small and quite "shopping challenged" to say the least. I have one Easter tree and that's been fine for years but this year I thought it would be so special to have one in my bedroom.

I put on my coat, grabbed my purse and off I went to shop and to buy. I was driving this way and that way. I went over there, and to the left and over on the right. I drove under things and over things and around things. Believe it or not...there wasn't one Easter tree to be found, not in this town, not anywhere that wouldn't require a toll fee and another tank of gas. I was beginning to feel as though I was going to have to go home with my mission unaccomplished.

However, I'm not one to give up, sit on the curb and cry, so at each stop I asked, "You wouldn't happen to know where I could buy an Easter tree, would you?" Each time the nice people suggested places that I had already been searching...sigh. I was feeling pretty blue and a little sad and especially rattled that I lived in a place that was exceptionally beautiful, relatively free of crime, and peaceful...but VERY limited when it comes to finding something you want, especially if you have one thing in mind and are totally focused on that one thing.

I was just about to give up and head for home telling myself that at least I had one tree and that it wasn't my fault that the buyers for the stores and shops I had just visited had remedial skills when it came to anticipating a customer's seasonal wants and needs. At the last minute, instead of taking the turn to my street, I told the dogs (they are my co-pilots most times) to "hang on" as I made a sharp turn to the right zooming into the parking lot of my local Revco. Once inside, I looked and searched and wandered through this isle and that isle, but no Easter tree. Lots of Easter goodies, but no tree.

As I was about to leave I spotted a sales clerk and asked her my question: "Do you know where I could buy an Easter tree?" She gave me suggestions of local stores but I had to tell her that I had already been to all of them with no luck and thanked her for her time. I was deflated, dejected, sad, forlorn, pitiful, you name it and I was it. Like a little girl with a pout, I headed for the exit BUT another store clerk ran up to me and said: "I have an Easter tree that I was going to put in a yard sale this summer. I'll sell it to you. I've never used it and it's still in the original box. I'll bring it with me when I come to work tomorrow afternoon."

I am an adult, or at least try to be an adult on occasion, but I nearly squealed with glee at the welcoming news! I asked and asked and asked and I found and found and found! No one can say, ever, that I'm not persistent and ~ just like you've heard a million times ~ persistence pays off. Persistence, and believing in Matthew 7:7 ~ Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

The next day I went to Revco clutching my five dollar bill to pay the fee for my Easter decoration delight. I wasn't disappointed, not one bit, not at all. If you ask me, my Easter tree is perfect in each and every respect because I worked like a dog (sorry Scout and Freyja) for that tree. In fact, my little tree just might end up in an Easter tree museum, if there is such a thing.
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Monday, March 02, 2009

Shout out for vintage crochet bluebird potholder pattern

If you crochet, or know someone who does, or just have some patterns hanging around the house or garage or yard...does this pattern look familar to you and would you know where to find it? And, if it does look familiar or if you know where to find it...would you share it with me...pretty, pretty please?

I have someone I'd like to make this for and it would mean so much to me if I could recreate a little bit of the past. Thank you so, so much in advance for putting on your thinking cap!

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Taking a bath with a few of my friends...

This past Pink Saturday, I found a blog that mentioned another blog (you know how that goes...you get lost in blogs) that was mounting an effort to Save the Pink Bathrooms that were all the rage in mid-century home design. My bathroom "appliances" aren't pink but I have oodles of pink in "that" room so I thought that I'd take my camera upstairs with me this evening to take a couple of photos as the tub was filling and firing up all the bubbles I would soon be nestling into at the end of a long, and very busy day. I was pretty proud of myself because I thought I'd be getting a head start on the next Pink Saturday over at Beverly's blog.

Well, to make this story short, I forgot to take photos of the pinks in the room as the tub was filling but managed to take a couple later that made me smile and treasure even more my relationship with the fuzzy members of my family.

Rosemary JOY! keeping a watchful eye for dogs.

You see, in the winter I turn on a little space heater to make what is a cozy room even more cozy, if that is possible. If you have kitties, you know that heat attracts them like flies to honey! My cats just love to percolate in heat whenever possible. In my home, bath-time is mom and kitty time. The dogs, sadly, aren't invited. Not my decision, but a rule enforced by Camille and Rosemary, a kitty-rule that is strictly enforced. Both Scout and Freyja know that they are to rest quietly outside the door while mom and the "girls" preen and groom and oil and roast in the moist heat.

The lovely Camille Suzanne, wondering if she'll have to swat an unruly dog-sibling.

My camera was resting in some fluffy towels within my reach so I decided to share images of my tiny sentinels in this blog post. What you see is the view from my tub. Camille is situated in front of the little heater taking advantage of the warmth and, of course, you can see sweet Rosemary on the "throne" which is where she belongs each and every minute of each and every day...not the toilet...but on a throne as she is the princess of my heart.

I don't think there is a pet-person alive that doesn't understand the fact that privacy, in a house with fur-babies, is impossible! I learned a long time ago that I just might as well get used to the fact that there would be "inquiring minds" no matter where I roamed throughout my home. If you attempt to lock them out you will be forced to watch little paws flitting under the door desperately trying to gain entrance with a chorus of dogs howling as though there was a full moon.
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