“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake.”
- Francis Bacon

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I ♥ Pink Saturday. Come on over & have some fun!

Pink Saturday is here again over at HOW SWEET the SOUND. Goodness, it seems like it's rolling around faster and faster. It better slow down a bit or I'll surely run out of pink goodies to share with you...on second thought, that'll never happen, not ever! But you knew that, didn't you?

This week I began on the second floor of my home in the master bedroom. Well, what-do-you-know, I've got myself another pink telephone. Who in the world would have guessed that, hehehe! This is the last one, though...sigh. The rest are all run-of-the-mill telephones, the kind that are boring and useful and utilitarian.

In the master bath is a very vintage baby planter with the most precious pink rose painted on the toe of the shoe. Naturally, I've placed pink Q-tips inside. Is there any other color? I-don't-think-so!

On a little shelf in the same room rests my mantra. Over my lifetime there have been plenty of instances when I've had to remind myself that I had just better "deal with it" and had no time to sit on the curb and cry. Good advice, especially in our country's present circumstances.

Popping back downstairs, I thought I'd share with you my two, pink scarves that I wear during the winter to keep me all cozy and warm when I'm outside shoveling the tons of snow we get in my neck of the woods. Believe it or not, it is finally warming up outside, so I can put these away with my ear muffs and mittens. Well, maybe not...looks a little iffy out there☺

A few weeks ago I shared with you a magazine holder in my kitchen that I had given a little shabby cottage make-over. This week I decided to photograph another of my projects that began as a 50 cent garage sale item and ended up adorned with roses and a bit of chippy, pink paint. It always amazes me what a little paint will do for something that was destined for the garbage truck. Re-cycle, re-use, re-purpose! This holds coasters on the little table by my reading chair.

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog so I could spend a little time with you. Don't forget to drop by HOW SWEET the SOUND to get all the links to the dozens and dozens of other great places to see mucho pink-a-licious offerings...just for you!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The most amazing & magical tidbit I've learned in nearly ALL of my life! I'm totally stunned...

Have you ever read something and all of a sudden a light goes off in your head? All of a sudden things look differently and brighter and make more sense? You walk a little lighter, sing a sweeter song and see your life in a whole, new light? Well, I'll tell ya. It isn't often I'm totally amazed and at the same time have been handed the solution to a problem I've had ever since I walked into my mother's kitchen to help!

For decades I have literally struggled and prayed and yes, cursed (however, gently) when it was time for me to wrap my leftovers. Begrudgingly I would grab the plastic wrap (Saran Wrap at my house) knowing that my war with this product was to begin again. I'd pull out enough to cover my bowl and then the whole, darned roll would pop out of the carton. In the next moment, what I had pulled out would get all tangled up, sticking to itself like super-glue gone bad. I'd feverishly try to smooth out the mess so I could pull what I needed over the toothed edge to set it free from the cursed roll that had slid off the counter and onto the floor. Sadly, often times the plastic wrap would win and I would plop whatever I could salvage of the way-ward, sticky film over my food and put away the box thinking, "There just HAS to be a better way to do this!"

Well, I am here to tell you that all along...all the time I was struggling...there WAS a better way and it was right before my eyes. Right there. Take a look, right there on each end of that darned box. There are little tabs that, with a little pressure, pop in and hold the roll in place. For crying out loud. I don't know about you, but I never looked and didn't know about that sweet, little addition to the box. It was there all the time, in plain sight, just waiting for me to find it and activate it's magical function...to hold in the roll!

If you are one of the smart ones who knew this all along, "Why didn't you tell me about those tabs so I wouldn't have had to wage war with Saran Wrap and been forced to make a mess for the past...uhm...lots of years?"

If you didn't know, I'm sharing my new knowledge with you, the masses that have suffered with me for decades or maybe just days if you are a new bride. Now, go into your pantry and pop the tabs on your Saran Wrap. Bet you won't be able to wait until tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cats ♥ YouTube and little kittens just as much as the rest of their family

Each morning, while I'm waking up and planning my day, I sit at the kitchen table reading the news and checking out my favorite blogs in Google Reader. Either Rosemary or Camille makes it to my lap wanting to cuddle and nap and get stroked (what better way to start a day, right?). Yesterday I posted here a little YouTube video of the sweetest kitten getting tickled and cuddled on its mommy's lap.

Today Camille made it to my lap first. Wanting to see the little kitty again, I slid over to my blog and what took place after that you see below. I've never seen Camille so focused on my computer screen before and she's spent many a morning on my lap. I kept playing the kitty video over and over timing how long it kept her attention. I was a little surprised to find out that Camille watched that little kitten for half an hour!

I had read about cats that like to watch television, guess they ♥ YouTube videos, too.

Keep in mind...she's on my lap while I'm taking these photos. My movement and the noise didn't distract her attention on that kitten for a moment. And, in case you wanna know, my camera is always on the kitchen table. You just never know when you'll have a cat on your lap watching YouTube☺

Monday, April 20, 2009

Feeling tense? Feeling stressful? Want to blow-your-top? I've found the best medicine on the market today!

Nothing big. Nothing fancy. Nothing to eat. Nothing to make. Nothing to excite you and bring up your blood pressure.

Something for a smile and a warm fuzzy and a good feeling all the way down to your toes. It's Monday, we need a little comfort and we need something that is overwhelmingly precious!