“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake.”
- Francis Bacon

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine cookies for my source of unconditonal l♥ve on Pink Saturday

Yesterday I was unsure about what I would like to share for Pink Saturday. I thought of this and I thought of that and then it hit me like a ton of kibble! Our local dog park was having a bake sale on Friday and I had promised to make some of my hand-dipped dog treats for the table. So, what would any self-respecting dog-momma make other than treats decorated and bagged for Valentine's Day. It was a no-brainer - I could make my treats and do Pink Saturday at the same time!


Normally I would have cropped the photo above a little closer but I wanted to show the cord to the left of the dipping bowl. One of the things that always frustrated me when I would dip cookies, candies, pretzels or dog treats was the fact that after a while the chocolate would begin to thicken as it cooled. 

On Friday I remembered that I had just purchased a new candle warmer for the family room. The light went off in my head! I could use the little warmer to keep my white chocolate from getting thick as it cooled. I am here to tell you that it works like a charm! One of my greatest frustrations had just disappeared! Now, all I have to do is buy another candle warmer for the family room!


My little dog cookies all decorated and ready for the bake sale. Well, not 'all' of them. Scout and Freyja made me promise to keep a few bags at home for them
Scout and Freyja's basket of Valentine treats! Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Cuddle and kiss everyone you love - even if they do have hairy lips☺

Stop on over to Beverly's HOW SWEET the SOUND today for the list of all the blogs celebrating PINK SATURDAY today. You are in for a special treat - they are some of the sweetest bloggers in the Universe.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Don't grill cheese - grill CHOCOLATE to say 'I ♥ you' on Valentine's Day

I don't think my son would want me fixing these for lunch every time I had his little boys for lunch, but every now and then you just have to throw caution to the wind - put on a happy face - sing a little song - and make a grilled sandwich that will NEVER be forgotten. These are one of those sandwiches - YUM! You will have everyone at the table eating out of the palm of your hand...


* 2 (0.375-oz.) good-quality Ghirardelli chocolate squares
* 2 slices French bread
* 3 teaspoons butter, melted (no margarine)
* Powdered sugar
* Garnish: raspberries, strawberries, fresh orange sections


Place chocolate squares between 2 French bread slices; brush both sides of sandwich with 1 1/2 tsp. melted butter. Cook in a hot nonstick skillet over medium heat until chocolate is melted and bread is golden brown. Dust with powdered sugar. Garnish with raspberries, if desired.

Other good fillings to include with your chocolate would be raspberry jam, marshmallow cream, toasted pecans, peanut butter, toasted coconut and sliced bananas. All of them compliment the rich chocolate in your sandwich perfectly.
For a little fun, cut bread into heart or other desired shape before filling with chocolate and cooking. We all have great cookie cutters around the house. They're not just for cookies anymore☺