“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake.”
- Francis Bacon

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A pink-a-licious Pink Saturday from me to you...what a wonderful time of the year!

Here we are...Pink Saturday, a day before Easter Sunday, to me the holiest day of the year. The day that promises us everlasting life through the loss of life. I hope you and yours, regardless of how you celebrate the day, have a peaceful, loving and gracious Easter Day.

What would today be without a little bunny's pink nosie? This little fellah sits on the back of the potty in my downstairs powder room. So far I haven't had anyone complain about being stared at when they are using the facilities!

In the same room sits this pink African violet of mine that has decided to bless me with some blossoms. Yes, I know, all my violets are pink...sigh. I really have to get out of this pink rut of mine, don't I?

Back into my dining room to take a photo of the latest addition to my pincushions. Never thought that I would be a pincushion collector, but here I am, gathering one sweetie pie after another to add to my little prickly family! Guess I'm going to have to be on the hunt for another wall cabinet to house my newest obsession.

Swinging into my kitchen for a peek at the utensils that I use when I am putting a little of this and a little of that together for a meal. These guys are used, and used a lot, don't let their pinkie appearance fool you. They have to earn their keep in my kitchen.

Just have to share these pink Sweet Peas that adorn a tile that sits on my stove to hold a messy spoon or spatula when I'm makin' something to fill my tummy. This is a yard sale find from years and years ago. I think I paid a dime for it and a dime was never better spent!

Isn't this cute? I really enjoy popping over to our local Goodwill Store a couple of times a month. Every now and then you find something that just must come home with you. That was the case with this teapot. I grabbed this cutie patootie and put it into my cart in a heartbeat.

How about another cup of tea courtesy of Goodwill. Well, you can't have one, at least not from this teapot because it's a tart burner. How clever is that? When I first saw it, I was thinking that I had nabbed another teapot to add to my collection (yes, I know, I've got to stop this collecting thing that I do) but then, lo and behold, there was a hole in the back to slip in the tea light. The lid comes off to expose the little dish to hold the tart. Love it!

I was going to end this Pink Saturday post hosted by Beverly over at How Sweet the Sound by showing you the light as a cloud strawberry pudding I made for my grandsons today, but they got to it before I did and that was the end of that. Maybe next time...

He's not pink but he does make his Mimi's cheeks blush rosie when he hugs her good-night. This is my grandson, Joshua Patrick, who is all of five years old today. Josh and his brothers, Joe and Ben, stayed over night Thursday and most of the day Friday with me (spring break) so their mommy and daddy could spend all day Friday preparing for the big birthday party to celebrate the day this guy was born. His mother, Cindy, spends months planning for the day each of her son's have their fifth birthday. It's an extravaganza that makes the best memories. This year's theme is The Jungle (Josh's pick). I can't wait to see what my son and his wife have cooked up! Josh is goofy, and funny, and boy, does he ever love my cooking. What more could any woman want for a sleep-over filled with fun?!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and may the true meaning and blessing of this most holy of times warm your home, family and heart.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The l♥ves of my life ~ the dogs of my life...my last companions in life

When I first began to read the words below in the poem Best Friend, I thought it was another of those pieces we find on the web about the love we have for our animals...pretty generic, most of them - then word by word my heart became more affected and my mind began to conjure up images and my body brought about deep emotion and feeling.

The last few words I feel were written just for me (the blue italics are mine) and only for me, not true, but my soul owns those words, words I want read at my funeral, near my grave, the last words spoken just before everyone begins to leave, to get on with their lives again...now that I am gone. But even though I will be gone from life, and they will think I am dead and alone, there will be excellent companions who will stay close to me forever...forward into the night, and far beyond.

My sweet Freyja
We made them
in the image of our fears
to cry at doors
at partings - even brief
to beg for food at table
and to look at us with those big
aching eyes
and to stay with us
when our children flee.
And sleep upon our beds
on darkest nights
and cringe at thunder
as in our own childhood frights.
We made them sad-eyed
loving, loyal, scared
of life without us.
We nurtured their dependency and grief.
We keep them as reminders of our fear.
We love them as the unacknowledged hosts
of our own terror
of the grave - abandonment.
Hold my paw
for I am dying.
Sleep upon my coffin.
Wait for me,
in the middle of the drive
that curves beyond the cemetery wall.
I hear your bark
I hear your mournful bark
Oh, may all the dogs
that I have ever loved,
carry my coffin
howl at the moonless sky
and lie down with me sleeping
when I die.

~Best friends by Erica Jong

Scout, 100% of his love, 100% of the time

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A gift from me to you during this most special time of year...

At this time in my life, and at this time in world history, this little YouTube video has touched my heart and soul deeply. As you watch, please think how wonderful our world would be if mankind would accept others without trying to change them or how they look or how they sound or where they came from or what they think. There's enough room for all of us on this planet, as diversified as we are...all we need to do is to stop looking for the differences and appreciate the similarities.