“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake.”
- Francis Bacon

Sunday, December 28, 2008


The mid-west has had some really rough weather for the past few weeks. Ice cold, high winds, rain, dropping temps and more wind ranging in the 60 mile per hour range. Sandwiched in that was Christmas and soon, the New Year. Yesterday it poured and this morning I was greeted by wind so powerful that my bird feeder was sent sailing to the ground. Right now, I can barely see across the street.

At times like these, I feel so sorry for my dogs. If someone asked me to go outside to do-my-duty I'd look at them as though they were nuts and run the other way to hide under the bed! But go through the door they do and they seem to do it smiling and happy all the way into the backyard. Freyja (German Shepherd Dog) and Scout (Golden Retriever) are always eager to please and spend their lives giving me all of their attention, goodness and grace. No matter what I want to do, they are game to do it with me, no complaints. It's as though if my heart stopped, so would theirs. And, if I am to be honest, there have been times in the past, when I've had to let one of my dogs leave me for a better place, I thought my heart would stop, too, or at least break into a million pieces.

No matter what I ask of them they are happy to oblige. By my side during all seasons and all weather, they give me so much pleasure...just to look at them, no matter what they are doing and to know that they love me...deeply, and, I love them right back. They are my protectors and my buddies in the car and the guardians of the backyard putting all birds, squirrels and cats in their place should one dare to trespass into their territory.

Earlier this evening I was peeking through some blogs for a little winter window shopping and came upon one who offered to share some graphics. I'm never the one to pass by something free, so I took time (I really should be cleaning and doing laundry) to look and found several vintage cards with dogs...faithful dogs, run-of-the-mill-dogs who were loved and who gave love. There were a few that touched my heart so I placed them on my computer and decided to make a collage to share, just like The Graphics Fairy graciously shared her talent and treasures with me.
My home and life has been filled with dogs for decades and I can't imagine being in a room or sleeping in my bed without a pup curled up at my feet or cuddled next to me with its head resting on a spare pillow. One of my sons and one of my grandsons has inherited my passion for animals. I couldn't be more pleased and more touched, especially when I see Benny, the little guy, tending to and caring for God's creatures with such a gentle touch. Of all the treasures I could leave to my family when I am gone, it is my love for those who cannot speak that is most precious to me and the most valuable. I know that darling Benny, to be sure, has his Mimi's passion for protecting those who need it the most.

Life, to me, would not be as good or complete or safe or welcoming without a dog walking by my side. Life, to me, would be absolutely meaningless without my children and grandchildren.


laurie said...

My thoughts exactly! Every time I open the door for my dog to go out into the cold to take care of business, I feel like I am doing her some injustice by making her go outside when I can barely stand the cold air that comes in when I open the door for her! But, you're right, she always goes out without protest, and I'm sure glad she does, because I'd have a hard time making myself shove her out in the cold. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a kind and encouraging note. It's usually a more pleasant place to visit, so I hope you'll come back some time. laurie

Shannon said...

I had to comment and let you know what a beautiful family you have (dog included). My brother has a dog (Echo) who looks just like yours. Beautiful dogs!

Susie Q said...

What a wonderful post! I found your blog via Hooked on Houses and have so enjoyed my time here. May I add you to my blog roll?
Like you I can not imagine life without kids or dogs...
And our Kipper had one of those icy days today. he went out 4 times before he finally did what he needed to. : ) The wind was whippinbg and poor guy, his fur was blowing and gosh he looked cold. Sometimes, during the Winter, or when it is raining, I swear he looks at the cats and tries to figure out why THEY get to *go* IN the house! We had friends in Canada who had a *litter box* for their dog during the Winters. It was a child's swimming pool filled with sand. I told Kip not to get any ideas!

Thank youf or having such an enjoyable blog...