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- Francis Bacon

Friday, January 30, 2009

Can Romantic Homes Magazine give us too much PINK? Um, maybe, maybe not

Has anyone seen the March issue of Romantic Homes Magazine? I'm the first one to say that the color pink was made just for me. I'm the first one to say that there is pink somewhere in each and every room of my home. I'm the first one to say that when my grand-daughter, Rachel, was born there were little, pink sugar plums dancing in my head 24/7, but come on...what I saw this afternoon when I opened the March issue of this publication that arrived in my mail today pulled me up short. I rubbed my eyes. I held the magazine a little further stretching my arms as far as they would go. I looked really hard to see if maybe, just maybe, the page had been printed askew. Nope, I don't think so. What I saw I believe was meant to look just like what it looked like.

You have to see it in order to believe it but the house exterior is Pepto pink and all I can say about the interior is that, to me, it looks like the inside of a bottle of Pepto Bismol, too...something I don't like even if I'm so sick I can't raise my head off a pillow.

I'm sure that not all of you will agree with me, and that's perfectly OK, but there are shades of pink and there are shades of pink. Me, I tend to lean to the baby-powder hues...soft, subtle, sweet. The couple who owns and built this home is Brooke and Brooks Fleming (I kid you not). They built the house from the ground up, often perplexing their contractor, sending him home with pink dots dancing before his eyes.

So, if you, like me, love the color pink, grab the March issue of Romantic Homes Magazine to read the article and meet the owners. You can also bask in all of the home's pinkness. Now, to be fair, the whole interior of the house is not Pepto pink, just the outside and a few rooms inside.

Bella Rose Cottage is the business that Brooke runs out of her home. If you are already in your jammies, or don't want to buy the magazine, hop over to Brooke's web site. Once there you will be able to see this pink house with pink wreaths on the doors and take a virtual stroll through the pink rooms and then browse those that are more subtle in coloration.

Of course, my reaction to this house is a personal call and I'd be horrified if I hurt anyone's feelings with this blog entry of mine, so I apologize if I've stepped on toes. But, as someone who adores the color pink and as someone who can spot pink at a tag sale from 100 feet away, I'll pass this time and stick with my rendition of the color and leave the rest for others to enjoy. See you tomorrow, it's PINK SATURDAY, ya know!
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Diane said...

Ugh! Pepto pink?!? yuck - I'm with you, soft baby shades are best... ♥ Diane

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Love the pink phone!

Cori G. said...

Oh I have to say I'm with you Mimi.
That pink was just too pink...frightening...scary...
And I love the color pink!
Sometimes I wonder what is Romantic Homes up to? Have they lost their Romance?
Anyway, I love all you Kitty spa's.
Happy pink Saturday. Now I'm off to check out the Bella Pink Cottage. I've had a migraine all day long...may as well ad to the pain...hee hee!