“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake.”
- Francis Bacon

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Scavenger hunt in a small town and turning it up-side-down or Matthew 7:7

A few days ago I received not quite a message from the Lord, but a wish granted, so to speak. My little corner of this planet is really small and quite "shopping challenged" to say the least. I have one Easter tree and that's been fine for years but this year I thought it would be so special to have one in my bedroom.

I put on my coat, grabbed my purse and off I went to shop and to buy. I was driving this way and that way. I went over there, and to the left and over on the right. I drove under things and over things and around things. Believe it or not...there wasn't one Easter tree to be found, not in this town, not anywhere that wouldn't require a toll fee and another tank of gas. I was beginning to feel as though I was going to have to go home with my mission unaccomplished.

However, I'm not one to give up, sit on the curb and cry, so at each stop I asked, "You wouldn't happen to know where I could buy an Easter tree, would you?" Each time the nice people suggested places that I had already been searching...sigh. I was feeling pretty blue and a little sad and especially rattled that I lived in a place that was exceptionally beautiful, relatively free of crime, and peaceful...but VERY limited when it comes to finding something you want, especially if you have one thing in mind and are totally focused on that one thing.

I was just about to give up and head for home telling myself that at least I had one tree and that it wasn't my fault that the buyers for the stores and shops I had just visited had remedial skills when it came to anticipating a customer's seasonal wants and needs. At the last minute, instead of taking the turn to my street, I told the dogs (they are my co-pilots most times) to "hang on" as I made a sharp turn to the right zooming into the parking lot of my local Revco. Once inside, I looked and searched and wandered through this isle and that isle, but no Easter tree. Lots of Easter goodies, but no tree.

As I was about to leave I spotted a sales clerk and asked her my question: "Do you know where I could buy an Easter tree?" She gave me suggestions of local stores but I had to tell her that I had already been to all of them with no luck and thanked her for her time. I was deflated, dejected, sad, forlorn, pitiful, you name it and I was it. Like a little girl with a pout, I headed for the exit BUT another store clerk ran up to me and said: "I have an Easter tree that I was going to put in a yard sale this summer. I'll sell it to you. I've never used it and it's still in the original box. I'll bring it with me when I come to work tomorrow afternoon."

I am an adult, or at least try to be an adult on occasion, but I nearly squealed with glee at the welcoming news! I asked and asked and asked and I found and found and found! No one can say, ever, that I'm not persistent and ~ just like you've heard a million times ~ persistence pays off. Persistence, and believing in Matthew 7:7 ~ Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

The next day I went to Revco clutching my five dollar bill to pay the fee for my Easter decoration delight. I wasn't disappointed, not one bit, not at all. If you ask me, my Easter tree is perfect in each and every respect because I worked like a dog (sorry Scout and Freyja) for that tree. In fact, my little tree just might end up in an Easter tree museum, if there is such a thing.
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kari and kijsa said...

Now that is a true blessings...amazing too! Both you and the clerk benefitted and God gets the glory!
kari & kijsa

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Congratulations, your persistence paid off big time! Beautiful tree!

I thought you were going to say that you went home & cut the perfect little tree limb & painted it for your Easter tree. BTW, that white painted limb was my first one tree... ☺

Elyse said...

happiest pink saturday to you, mimi!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty Easter Tree. Isn't it nice how things work and that everything has its own reason right to the point where you decided to take that turn?

Everything just meant to be for Him. Like your bible cover. It's pretty in pink! But most importantly is the treasure inside :-)