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- Francis Bacon

Monday, August 10, 2009

Talk to a human at call-in centers & Are ALL Mommy bloggers for real?

It's not all that often that I find two articles in one day that I feel are blog-worthy or that I feel a need to share; however, this morning I found a web site that deals with a pet peeve of mine: Number pushing and talking to an automated system and never getting your question answered or being hung up on or never getting to talk to a human being!
If you've ever felt the frustration I feel whenever I call a business for help and either get someone who barely speaks English that I cannot, no matter how hard I try, understand; or a system that makes you talk to some automated sing-song voice that doesn't take you to the right place and then hangs up on you; or you get have to push hundreds of numbers only to get to the end with no resolution BEFORE you dial that number again, go to Get2Human.com. Not only does it give you the "key" to get to a human being on hundreds of businesses, it also lets you rate your experience with them, whether or not you could understand the operator if you did manage to speak to a human being and to suggest other businesses that they may not have listed. Believe me, you are gonna ♥ this place. I read about a year ago that many of the buisnesses listed tried to get the web site taken down, but we do have freedom of speech, thank goodness, so it is there standing proud!
The next place I found should be interesting for all of us who blog. CNN has an article on blogging and how many "mommy bloggers" are popping up via the web and that some of them just might not be who they say they are or appear to be. The article 'Mommy bloggers' vow to avoid ethical conflicts' is very interesting and gives the reader something to think about:
  • 'Mommy bloggers' are fighting what they fear is a backlash against their profession
  • Bloggers have been criticized for not disclosing relationships with advertisers
  • Women bloggers launch 'Blog with Integrity,' 'PR Blackout' campaigns
  • The FTC is reviewing federal guidelines for all bloggers
You are also led to a site Blog with Integrity where you can sign a pledge and place an icon on your blog that states you will do your best to improve blogging ethics.

Another great article to read is Newsweek's Trusted Mom or Sellout? Really gives you some food for thought concerning a growing past-time for some and a burgeoning industry for others.
So, this morning I found something that will take my blood pressure down several notches when I reach a call-center and something that addresses an issue that I have seen pop up every now and then when I've been reading blogs.

I got a lot of bang for my internet buck this morning. I hope you feel the same!


Shirl said...

Hello Mimi, I'm still making my Pink Saturday visits. I hope the sun is shining for you today! Sounds like you have had some lousy weather latley! Your pink post is adorable, and I scrolled your blog to see what I have missed. Some yummy recipes here! Freyja and Scout are adorable not to mention all those pretty kitties. We had a Shepherd and a Retreiver also, we miss them sooooo much, seems you never get over the loss of a pet. At least in my house we don't. I appreciate your visits to my blog!
Have a great week! Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Lisa said...

Great info Thanks! I too HATE the automated system, esp. voice activated ones as my family has to sit on my lap as soon as I dial on of those and I get in the that is not valid choice circle! eeerrrrgggg!!! I will read the one about Mommy bloggers, I guess it is about people not being truthful and just trying to sell things.
Hugs, Lisa

Lori said...

Oh Mimi
I swear if I hear anymore "I do not understand!" Or, "Please hang up and try again", I'll go crazy! Chase who has my mortgage and ATT are pathetic! Lori

heatherbelle said...

yes, I don't know anyone who isn't bugged by those voice messages. Some good info here...will take a look. Wishing you a pleasant week.

Jillian said...

Wow, your post about Mommy bloggers is interesting. I discovered after I had my Dear Bebe my readership dropped and I lost some of my favorite visitors. Either they were not interested in a Mommy's day or I get too busy to write back??? I dunno. SO I wonder why anyone would fake it? Oh well...but I am interested in the integrity site. Thanks for the write up!