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- Francis Bacon

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Does your teenager text when she drives? THIS IS A MUST SEE!

After you watch this video, you will never think of your cell phone in the same way again. Watch it. Remember it. Show it to your kids. More than once if you have to because this could easily save your life or the life of your most precious possession - your child.


Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Horrible! We have had several accidents in our area due to this...

An 18 yr old boy pulled out in front of me at an intersection.. It was a nightmare come true... Our Sheriff here has a saying... Just Drive!

Hope you have a great week! ~ Teresa

Mary said...

I saw a portion of this video on Bill O'Reilly last week. I'm sending to my son, who is 36 and texts when he's driving with my grandkids!!!!!!! Thank you! I think I'll post this on my blog as well...if several of us do it, maybe enough people will see it that some lives will really be saved! Mary

Elena said...

We were shown part of this video on our news here too, becaue of new laws coming in regarding using mobile phones while driving. It's so sad because so many tragedies could be avoided.

Regina said...

Yummy. Great post Mimi.
Have a nice day!