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- Francis Bacon

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Santa's favorite Red, White and Green Christmas Tortellini

The Night Before Christmas Santa loads up on this filling but light and airy meal that won't leave you hungry in half an hour. So quick to make, festive and delicious, you will have plenty of time to gather around the tree to sing your favorite carols with family and friends! This dish is so pretty and festive - all wrapped up in one easy to do package☺ Just be sure to leave Santa a serving - he ♥'s it!


1 bag Barilla Tortellini (or other familiar brand) - your favorite filling
1 jar Classico Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo
1 Green or Sweet Red Pepper in thin slices or minced
1 Sweet Grape Tomatoes halved - to taste
Shallots minced
Fresh minced garlic to taste
Fresh basil for garnish
Olive oil in spray container

Prepare pasta according to directions. Add green peppers to a separate pan and spray with olive oil. Sauté till tender. Then add in halved grape tomatoes. Sauté until tomato edges have barely began to yellow. Add to pasta once it has been drained. Add Alfredo sauce and fresh garlic to taste. Serve with minced shallots and basil leaf as garnish.


Protege said...

I am a very bad cook, but I think I could make this. It looks beautiful as well.
I love coming here, it feels so cosy and inviting. I love your collages as well.;)

T's Daily Treasures said...

Yummo! I wish I had this to eat right now. :) Blessings, Tammy

Natasha said...

Mimi, this looks so delicious, so festive, so perfect for Christmas! I am definitely going to serve this one night in the next week or so.

How has the weather been your way?I heard it was pretty bad? I hope you are keeping warm and toasty!

Best wishes, Natasha.

~Kristen~ said...

Yummmm! I looove tortellini! I think this may have to go on the list of favorite december comfort meals! Thank you my friend! xoxo

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Nice easy dish for a busy night.

Claus said...

The Night Before Christmas or Christmas Eve is what is really celebrated here in Guatemala. On that night, we have "tamales and ponche" (come by the blog, as I will talk about that next week), a traditional meal for that night. Nevertheless, this pasta looks amazing! and not too complicated for my inexperienced cooking skills :-) Thanks for sharing! and Happy Holidays!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hi Mimi!
Just wanted to pop over while I can and let you know I'm thinking of you!
Lots of Christmas and Holiday cheer going on here and I'm enjoying it all!
The tortellini dish looks and sounds so festive and delishious--going to try it soon!
Keep warm--I know it must be snowing in your part of the North Country!
With love from the Cabin!
Claudia O.