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- Francis Bacon

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

♥Let's gift some dipped 'n sprinkled Valentine's Day Fortune Cookies♥

Who doesn’t love fortune cookies? I love fortune cookies. You love fortune cookies. Everyone loves fortune cookies. These little sweet treats are so fun and so easy. You are going to love them, almost as much as the people you bless them with on Valentine's Day! Next time my grandsons are here for a sleepover, I think we're gonna whip up a batch of these so they can have a homemade Valentine to give to their mom and dad. Great gifts for teachers, Sunday school, neighbors, hair dresser, mailman, paperboy - you name it!

These are SO EASY TO MAKE!

1. Purchase a box of fortune cookies, two large Symphony chocolate candy bars, and some sprinkles in various colors and tastes and fun shapes.
2. Slowly melt chocolate using a double boiler.
3. Dip your fortune cookies in melted chocolate. Generally, I will use tongs for this because I don't want to burn my fingers in the chocolate! Yeah - right - I'd have that stuff licked off my pinkie before you could whistle Dixie
4. Sprinkle! Be creative. Try using coconut, nuts, crushed peanut butter bars, whatever comes to mind that would be fun. Because, after all, you should have fun
5. Set dipped and sprinkled fortune cookies on parchment paper until dry.
6. Once dry, package your fortune cookies in small take out boxes or in a row of cellophane.
7. Add a tag and deliver. You may use the tag suggested here if you would like.


Anonymous said...

that is such a cool idea thanks for sharing

Protege said...

What a great idea!
And they look so cute as well.;)

T's Daily Treasures said...

What a sweet idea -- embellished fortune cookies! Thanks for always sharing the most fabulous recipes and craft ideas. Blessings, Tammy ps I think 100 is old as dirt so don't think you are anywhere close to that :)

crochet lady said...

You must have a little magic hat that you pull all of these great ideas out of!

Cottage Rose said...

Now those are my favorite kind of fortune cookies.... I don't think I would have any left to give a way....lol they look fabulous...


Finding Pam said...

This is a great idea! I hope all is well with you.

Shopgirl said...

This is such a fun idea, I would never have thought of this. It made me think of when we have Christmas games, I could put the winning number in a fortune cookie.
Forever young! Hugs, Mary

Bird learning to fly... said...


You are a genius!! And they look like hearts!!!!