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- Francis Bacon

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lots of bows, no buttons & a little repurpose for this week's Pink Saturday!

Well, another trip to the thrift store and some more pink for the house. Don't know what I'll do with all of it yet, but my wheels are turning so maybe in a couple of weeks you'll see what is empty now filled with something fun!

I'll begin with little baby bootie by Napco. This one is larger than last week so I'm going to really have to put on my thinking cap when it comes to filling it but I know something will pop into my head sooner or later☺

Found another little cutie pie on the same day. This one is hand painted. I just adore the tiny pink rose on the toe and the word "baby" on the side, in pink again! When I was out on Friday, I bought the pink ribbon. It just wouldn't be right not to put laces in the booties, would it?

This little pitcher, uhm, this little guy just might get a pink African violet or possibly those personal size packages of cookies. I could keep it on the kitchen counter and when the grandkids pop by I'd have their treat handy right then and there!

What have you repurposed this week? Well, last month I found this darling bunny when I was out and about at Goodwill. All I remember is that I loved it and brought it home with me. After it had a little bubble bath it sat on my counter for quite a while. I'd eye it up, think about it and then walk away. It went on like that for days and days and then...BAM, all of a sudden it dawned on me that my Equal packets just might fit...and...they DID! How cute is this? All I needed to do was add the vintage seam binding for a special touch and he's all set to make his debut on the kitchen table!
Lastly, I just have to share the collar I found for my German Shepherd Dog, Freyja, this Friday afternoon. It isn't often that you can find a feminine collar for a large dog. I just HAD to have this for her! Even though she may look fierce, she is just the softest tempered and sweetest natured pooch. I love her to pieces. The pink satin ribbon on the collar with the timely "unconditional love" message surely fits my lady.

Well, that's it for this Saturday. I think next week I'm going to present all of the pink food I can come up with. I almost did it this week but there is a little baking I want to do for the event! have fun☺ Be sure to visit all of the other pink lovers over at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound. Saturdays are such a treat for me and for so many others who participate!

And, last, but certainly not least, Our family attic wishes Pink Saturday a ♥BIG PINK HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY♥!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Mimi! And what sweet pinkness you shared with us today! The booties are adorable, but that bunny with the pink bow stole my heart. And how great that you found a pink collar for your dog!

Here's hoping you have a wonderful PS!


Sheila :-)

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Love all your pinks Mimi, especially the little Napco booties, I just love Napco pretties!!! Happy Pink Saturday!
♥ Teresa

Chatelaine said...

Oh, the Bay City Rollers-that brings me back!

Love that little hand painted baby shoe. Looks like limoges.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Lisa said...

Super sweet pinks, the bunny sugar holder, the dog collar, CUTE card!
Thanks for sharing!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Hugs, Lisa

Marina Capano said...

Hi! just beautiful pink post!
Happy Pink Saturday!



Anonymous said...

Oh dear, those beauties are just adorable, and look at the bunny with the pink bow! How adorable.

You always have lots of pinks to share :-)

Happy PS


Bette said...

oh, love the booties esp the first one. and that bunny is a great find!


Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

What a darling pink post! Love those booties. Happy Pink Saturday, Mimi!


Suzie Button said...

I just love your pink cermaic booties, especially the second one there! So pretty! I hope you DO have a lollipops and rainbows Pink Saturday, Mimi! Suzie

Smilingsal said...

I love the Equal holder. How creative! Happy Pink Saturday.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

You have a great eye for treasures Mimi!
~*Happy Pink Saturday*~

Anonymous said...

Lovely pink "finds".
Happy Pink Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's Pink Saturday's 1 Year Celebration!

I love your pinks today - Those tiny shoes oh my, they stop your heart and catch your breath looking at them!

Today I've got Part II of For a Princess (with Part I recapped) - and as it is centered around a celebration, it fits perfectly what with all of the little princesses in their pink tiaras; ) I hope you can come by - I know you'll enjoy it.


Dixie said...

love those sweet little baby shoe planters... reminds me of the ones I had years ago... don't know what ever became of them?

have a beautiful and blessed pink saturday and rest of the weekend!

hugs. Dixie

imjacobsmom said...

You have quite the cute collection going! Hope your Saturday is extra special. ~ Robyn

peppermint said...

Lots of cute pinkness! My favorite was the bunny sugar holder! May you have lots of "pink" goodness today!
Happy Pink Saturday! Patti

Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

Hi Mimi, what cute little pink pretties you have again. Thank you for the comment, you always leave such lovely comments, Happy PS.

caren said...

Lots of wonderful pinks! I especially like the baby shoe that is hand painted. Happy PS!

Debby said...

Love all your pretty pinks.

Melissa Wertz said...

What precious little items! Happy Pink Saturday!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

happy pink saturday! you got cute booties here..

Bellamere Cottage said...

I love your little pink EQUAL bunny! Now, that is CLEVER!


She'sSewPretty said...

Happy Pink Saturday to you Mimi! I love all of your pink finds. My best friend has two female gray hounds. She buys them the most beautiful collars. If you're interested, I can find out where she gets them. I know she buys them online somewhere.

Linda said...

Great pinks, Mimi and Happy Pink Day,


Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Adorable pinks today Mimi! Love Freya's new color. Are you going to take a picture of her modeling it?

Is the baby bootie large enough for a lamp? A battery operated candlestick lamp should fit in it, then top with a little shade.

Happy PINK Saturday! ☺ Diane

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Very sweet pinks this week. You are right about Pink Saturday being an indulgence for us. I really look forward to it every week.

Shirley said...

I can picture your pitcher full of African violets. Lovely.

Betzie said...

Love those adorable shoes! You have a great collection! Plus, that bunny and your equals, perfecto!
That collar was perfect too, you must have your doggy model it for us! xo

Sares said...

Great pinks this week. I love the doggie collar. The pink is a terrific color. I'm sure Freyja will look super stylish in it. Happy Pink Saturday and have a loveleigh weekend!

xinex said...

This pinks are lovely, Mimi! I love what you did to the bunny container. Happy Pink Saturday!...Christine

Betty Jo said...

When I opened your post I thought, "Phew! No beautiful cakes today to make me drool." Then I got to the bottom and what do I see in the previous post; pizza?! And what have I been craving all day, me the one who isn't supposed to have wheat or yeast; pizza! LOL

All kidding aside; beautiful post as always Mimi and hope you're having an awesome pink Saturday. ♥

Charlene said...

Thank you for visiting me for Pink Saturday! I see you & I were on the same page using vintage birthday images! Love the baby shoes! Have a great week.

Claudia said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Mimi! Love your finds and that collar is so sweet!

Robin said...

Your planters are so cute. I especially like the little hand painted bisque shoe.
Happy Pink Saturday!

Cathy said...

Hi Mimi,

Such gorgeous pink things today! I love them all.

Happy Pink Saturday!


Terri said...

They are all nice but I especially like the pink collar.

Happy Pink Saturday. Hope it is a good one.

Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

I love all the boots Mimi! Happy Pink Saturday ~ I hope you have a great weekend ~ Susan

Melly said...

The booties are adorable and I love what you did with your bunny. Happy Pink Saturday!

Wendy said...

Awwww, just loved those baby booties. And your bunny looks adorable. What a great idea to put your equal packets inside his basket!

pinkkandy said...

love the booties..God Bless you

Katie said...

Happy Pink Saturday Birthday! What lovely little planters! Just love that painted roses ones (of course!).

jeanne said...

Hello Mimi, thank you for your visit and always sweet comment.

I love your booties and can see you have a passion for them. Your thrifty find bunny is so cute and yes you did find the perfect place to put your equal packets. I LOVE the pitcher with the pink bow. So very pink and perfect for PS. Yes, you are a Pinkie from head to your toes.


Chandy said...

Hello Mimi, thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving me such great missive. I love those!

Your pinks today are quite lovely also. Glad I stopped by and got to see your wonderful blog! I'll definitely visit more!

Chari said...

Hi Mimi...

I just read your sweet note that you left for me about my pink china...thank you so much for coming by!!!

My friend...you have certainly hit the "pretty pink" jackpot with all of your treasure finds! I just love those ceramic baby shoes...my favorite is the one with the soft colored roses!!! They're absolutely precious!!! Ooohhh...I just know that you're going to find something pretty and perfect for them!!! Speaking of perfect...your little bunny is darling and soooo perfect for your sweeteners!!! Don't you just love when that happens? Hehe!!! Love your pretty cookie pot too...all wrapped up in that pretty pink ribbon!!! You found some really beautiful things, my friend!!!

Happy Pink Saturday!!!
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!


Claudie said...

I was at the thrift store today and only found blue things..like more drapes..yeah!
I love the sugar holder with your little ribbon touches.
Happy PS Mimi
Love Claudie
Oh and lucky Freyja and my spell check is "furiest" how ironic is that.

Marie said...

luv the hp bottie! i wish there was a good will over this part of new jersey.thanks for the visit. have a blessed week.

RobinfromCA said...

The bunny looks terrific - can't wait to see what you do with the booties!

Happy Pink Saturday!
Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

the wild raspberry said...

happy pink saturday to you! love that little vintage card...sooo cute.
have a wonderful weekend.

Abby Lanes said...

Thank you so much for the enjoyable Pink Saturday entry. I especially loved your bunny and the vintage card. All adorable.


OH my goodness, what a pretty pink post. And I think I just decided on dinner for tomorrow night. That basa and tomatoe pizza looks unbelievably yummy! Thanks for the inspiration, Mimi!

Happy Pink Saturday,

debbie said...

Hello Mimi,
I love the beautiful booties and that little rabbit to hold your equal is sooooo very sweet and the pitcher with the bow is so precious....I would love to go thrifting with you
A friend just sent me some vintage cards that had a card just like the birthday card you showed.
Happy, Happy Pink Saturday Birthday to you

Marie Reed said...

I'm a vintage postcard aholic so I'm especially swooningggg over the kitty image:) Happy PS!

Lara said...

so beautiful! a nice collection of pink, perfect for a celebration!

Nerissa Alford said...

Hi Mimi
It so fun to look at loot everyone finds thrifting. I'm in love the with first bootie. It's adorable.
Thanks for coming to visit & Happy Pink Saturday

Jenny S said...

How pretty! I think my favorite is the pitcher with the pink bow! I have a vase with a red bow very similar to that!! HPS!!

Michelle said...

Hey Mimi!!!

Love the pink pitcher with the bow...so cute!

And some of your recipes looks so good! I like some of that chicken soup please!

koralee said...

Great images for pink Saturday!!!Love the vintage image...you do have lots of pink around your home!!!

someplace in thyme said...

Oh my gosh Mimi, I think I may have the mate to your vintage baby shoe, but mine is for a boy, all in blues with the ties in the front just like laces. It belonged to our son, now I have to wonder where it is........I'll have to go on a hunt.....thankyou for the memories and great post today, happy pink saturday, Char

graciegirl said...

Hello Mimi
Thank you for your warm welcome and for visiting my blog.I love your pinks, especially that round pot with the ribbon around its belly.
Happy Pink Saturday to you....even though its Sunday

Sit-N-Chat said...

All so pretty but my favorite is the hand painted show. Adorable. I've been out of pocket this weekend- off to a beautiful wedding. Lots of fun. I love your pink posts.

Have wonderful week.


Teacup Mosaics said...

Great job, I love all your finds. Thanks for stopping by to see my Pink Noses. I thought your comment about PS being a wonderful indulgence with costing a penny is soooooooo true. It wonderful that we can do this. I love the blog world so many nice people, Happy PS on Sunday.

Shey said...

Gorgeous pretty-in-pink treasures!

Have an awesome week! :)

suesueb said...

those shoes are adorable! hope you're having a wonderful pink week!!

My Artful Heart said...

Very cutie booties, Mimi :) Thanks for sharing your lovely pink this week.


Susie Jefferson said...

Love the booties, and love love love the card!

Happy Pink Saturday (finally). I had hayfever which has turned into sinus, so due to headaches I haven't been online since Friday! I do apologise for being so late (and I somehow don't think I'll be doing much visiting this week)

Short and Sweet said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that bootie/shoe. You are lucky to find things like that at Goodwill...I'm never that lucky.
Great pink post.

Margie said...

I adore that little bunny with the basket! I would not have been able to pass him by either. What a perfect sugar packet holder he makes, way too cute!

Have a lovely week, and thanks for stopping by my blog, please visit again!

Margie :)

My Crafty Little Page said...

Such pretty pinks! Happy BELATED Pink Saturday! :)Nancy