“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake.”
- Francis Bacon

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If they were gone, you'd miss them ~ The unsung heroes of the blessings game☺

Today I began to think about the blessings that I most often overlook. We take so many things for granted as we move from day-to-day and give them little recognition, but the loss of just one would diminish our journey through life - some in more ways than others - but all would be missed. What would be on your list of the often overlooked?
  1. Calculator. What in the world did we do before those little gems came on the scene? Uhm, I think we used a pencil, paper and our noodles (brains)☺ I've been around long enough to remember when a calculator cost over $100.00. Just the other day I bought one to put in my purse for a dollar!
  2. Music. I can't tell you how many times my spirits have been lifted or a baby soothed or a soul comforted or a holiday made more festive by music. Truly, music must be right up there as one of God's most precious gifts.
  3. Poetry. Whether you are reading Chaucer or Silverstein, poetry can move you to romantic bliss or tickle your funny bone. It can make a three year old giggle or demonstrate deep sympathy over the loss of a loved one. Whether it is penned by the hand of a master or a kindergarten student with a bright, blue crayon, it has the all elements to move mountains.
  4. Ribbons. We wrap packages and decorate crafts. We tie them on the braids of little girls and on the ears of our dogs. We use them to hold together l♥ve letters long ago received and we gather them up in a bouquet at baby and wedding showers. I l♥ve their texture and their color and the way they take the ordinary and raise it to the hight of extraordinary.
  5. Candles. They keep us safe when the lights go out and warm our casserole at Thanksgiving. They release scent when we are feeling romantic and keep the bugs away during a 4th of July picnic. What began as a basic, hard-working tool to bring us light to guide us through the night hundreds of years ago has evolved into a myriad of colors and uses and products - each one more fun than the last.


Protege said...

Today you chose the ones that are absolutely vital in my every day use! I am still so impressed by the fact that you are able to find so many wonderful, but simple things in our ever day life and make them so special.;)

Anonymous said...

You really hit it today!!
Music is something I have on nearly all day! I listen to classical on NPR!!
Poetry is in my family as my uncle is a published poet!!
Wonderful post!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

heatherbelle said...

Yes, there are so many things that we take for granted..
I especially agree with you on music and poetry.

Anonymous said...

Great list Mimi. Sitting here I think of my glasses. I could not enjoy so many things with out my glasses and the gift of a cornea from someone's departed one.

T's Daily Treasures said...

You certainly have a knack for coming up with things we are all grateful for. I don't go a day without lighting some sort of candle. Either for the warm cozy feeling or a hint of pumpkin nutmeg to stir the holiday spirit. We've had to use them many times when the electricity has gone out, especially during the summer months when everyone is using their a/c's to the max. Not a day goes by without music. I started listening to Christmas music at school to make my day so much more joyful! Wishing you a day of blessings, :) Tammy

crochet lady said...

Music is just something I just couldn't live without.