“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake.”
- Francis Bacon

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Giving thanks for blessings - a double header today cuz I was bad yesterday☺

I took a day off yesterday so today, if I am to keep my goal, I need to post two lists of five each. Here goes, let's see how I do. I warn you - I am waxing nostalgic today - let's take a look at the not so distant past.

  1. Washing machine. I remember my mother having to spend nearly a whole day in the basement with her wringer washing machine. Monday was laundry day and, boy, was it ever a hard day for mom. Washing the clothes and then carrying the basket filled with wet clothes up the stairs and outside to hang them on the line. It's so easy now - fill up my machine, put in a little soap and softener, set a dial and walk away.
  2. Clothes dryer. I don't have to haul heavy baskets up steps like my mother all year long, including winter. When I think back I am amazed at what she did - a little over five feet tall weighing 100 pounds and she worked like a horse. I wish she was here for me to thank her for all of her back-breaking work.
  3. Fabric softener. Going along with numbers one and two, this little miracle is something that has evolved from basic to remarkably varied - in fact - to the point of overkill. I can stand in the aisle sniffing bottles of that stuff for half an hour until I find something that suits my fancy. Then, well, you have to have the matching detergent. Wouldn't it be something for a woman of the early 20th century to go shopping for household goods in today's market? That is something I would love to see.
  4. Permanent pressed fabric. Tuesday was the day for mom to iron. Gosh, I remember her bringing in the laundry and sprinkling it, rolling it, covering it with a towel and setting it aside for Tuesday's ironing day. And WE say that our lives are busy? Nothing compared to the ladies of my mother's era.
  5. Extra time. How often do we say that we are so busy doing this or doing that and as a result we are just worn out. Think about it. Think about doing all that our mother's used to do and then think about the fact that with today's appliances we now have the extra time to CHOOSE what we'd like to do for leisure and yes, we are filling our leisure hours with too many tasks and goals. We need to slow down and enjoy what we have now - at this very minute.

    1. Remote control. Remember when you wanted to change the channel and you'd have to get up from your cozy spot on the sofa, walk across the room, change the channel on the TV and then have to get all settled in your little spot again? Appreciate that little gadget, it's keeping your toes warmer at night.
    2. My comforter. Nothing in the winter like slipping into bed under a floofy and poofy comforter. There's just something about all that poof on top of you that makes you feel all cozy the minute you pull it up under your chin.
    3. Flannel sheets. Now that the frost is on the punkin' mine are out of storage and on my bed. Mine aren't utilitarian, nope, not mine. My sheets are pink with little snowmen all dressed in hats and scarves with big smiles on their faces. It's nice to fall asleep with someone smiling at you - same for waking up. It starts the day right.
    4. A warm house. My heating is on a timer so when my feet hit the floor in the morning the air is already warmed and all comfy for me. I remember when I'd get up, see my breath, turn up the heat and wait...and wait...and wait...to get warm. I have hot water heat so it takes a loooongggg time but once it heat the air - it is marvelous - the only way to go.
    5. Vintage radiators. My home is 100 years old  - an Edwardian. Along with the hot water heat when I bought the house came the most gorgeous and intricately detailed radiators. Gems from the past that were made to last and still work today as well as they did so long ago. They get so hot and stay so hot and are so, so pretty. I wouldn't give them up for all the tea in China.
    I'm taking part in an exercise during the month of November to list the blessings that encourage us give thanks. Take a peek on my sidebar. There are a couple of buttons that will take you to the blogs that are sponsoring this event. Believe me - when you do this, it really puts life into a more clear perspective.


      heatherbelle said...

      This brings back memories of my Mother boiling the copper on Mondays to do the family washing..haven't times changed.

      Protege said...

      You are doing absolute wonders with this theme. I am impressed every time.;)
      I love all the things you list and recognize most of them as well; yes the remote control is a classic. I remember that very well. Fortunately we only had two TV channels at that time.;)
      Love your collages.;)

      Country Wings in Phoenix said...

      Oh MiMi!
      Sweetie, I am doing colors on my own. It is my own way to share blessings. You aren't short anything sweetie. You know me, just always a little different. I just liked the theme and decided to go with it.

      I love your new look, and am so loving this post. Your list, flannel sheets are the best. In the winter, they are my favorite.

      Thanks for sharing sweetie, and for dropping by. I so love to have the company.

      Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

      Leah in Iowa said...

      I am so impressed at what you're doing this month! And your lists - they're amazing! I find myself thankful for many of the same things as you, and get lost in my own memories. That's a good thing. =) Thanks again for taking part in the challenge at my blog!

      ~ Leah

      T's Daily Treasures said...

      Great lists! I am thankful for all those things, too. I sort of dropped the ball on the thankful challenge. Started off on the right foot but then just kinda got lost along the way. Blessings to you, :) Tammy

      bp said...

      I liked what you said on "extra time." That is such a good point!

      Hope you have a lovely week!

      Finding Pam said...

      While I was raised doing some of those things, I still think hanging out your laundry is so good for one's spirit. You're outside in the sun, you can have a few moments to reflect on your thoughts and you save electricity.

      You did very good with catching up on two days worth of post. I enjoyed them both.

      Lisa said...

      Oh yes These are good ones! My washer has been broken since June, just needs a part but it is such a pain to get in and out I haven't done it! But oh where would we be if they din't exisit!?
      Hugs, Lisa

      Anonymous said...

      Missed you yesterday. Glad there's a double-header today. I wrote about sprinkled laundry not long ago. And clotheslines. I laid my forearm on a hot radiator when I was little. Had a scar until I was in my 30's I think. It might still be visible if I look long and hard. But still, I love those old raditors and wall heaters we had in our bathrooms and my grandmother's living room.