“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand - and melting like a snowflake.”
- Francis Bacon

Thursday, November 19, 2009

♥Powerful blessings that are so often overlooked and taken for granted♥

Well, here we are - a week from Thanksgiving. This year certainly has flown by for me - they all do lately. With the ending of this year and the next just around the corner it's a little sad to see one go but I await the New Year with great anticipation, I always do. A new beginning - fresh and bright. Now, on to my list for today.
  1. Sunshine. We have had a few days strung together filled with sunshine. The weather may be very cold but the sun - well, what is not to like about the sun. When I go outside I close my eyes and lift my face to the sun feeling it's warmth - almost like a loving caress. Hot or cold outside, I love the sun.
  2. Clouds. White, puffy and billowy clouds that look like cotton balls floating around in the heavens. Not so many that they block the sun, just enough to make the sky look decorated☺
  3. Gentle breezes. When I am outside a little breeze, the kind that gently moves your hair and the leaves in the trees. They seem to blow around the perfume that is in the air from neighborhood gardens in the summer and the aroma of fall when the leaves turn color. Breezes are a little like nature's potpourri.
  4. Heavy strong winds. I love those, too. They are powerful and remind me that there are things on this earth that you cannot see - but feel - that are filled with strength: the love a mother has for her child, the character of a good man or woman, the conviction of a pure heart when it fights for what is honorable.
  5. Winter. A time when the earth takes a rest in order to renew itself so it can burst forth in the spring littering the earth with blossoms and new life. Winter brings with it (up in my neck of the woods) a pristine, white blanket that acts as a buffer against the ravages of our harsh winters. It packs against the foundation of our homes to add insulation. It covers our flower and vegetable beds to give them rest. The snow provides hours of endless play for children and immeasurable happiness for my dogs who think that they have been given the best toy in the world.
I'm taking part in an exercise during the month of November to list the blessings that encourage us give thanks. Take a peek on my sidebar. There are a couple of buttons that will take you to the blogs that are sponsoring this event. Believe me - when you do this, it really puts life into a more clear perspective.


    Protege said...

    Beautiful as always; I too love the elements and I relish in the beauty of nature.
    It was a nice read particularly after the very powerful storm we had yesterday.

    Anonymous said...

    Congratulations of your smoking cessation. A very nice gratitude list today. I too give thanks for those things. Blessings

    Claus said...

    Ahh the sunlight. What a wonderful blessing! It energizes us, nature and everything around us seems a lot better. Wonderful list as always Mimi!

    Finding Pam said...

    Mimi your collage is beautiful. I loved your list for today. The simple things that we often over look.

    I agree that this year has flown by too fast. The sun on a clear blue day with a few clouds is perfect bliss.

    crochet lady said...

    Those are wonderful things that make each day blessed indeed.

    GWENDOLYN said...

    All things to be thankful for. I am most thankful for the sun. I have SAD, so I really appreciate when the sun is out shining. I do as you and lift my face towards the sun and soak it up. Imagine how bright and beautiful the SON will be when we see him!

    Anonymous said...

    Loving caress, decorated sky, nature's potpouri, strength, renewal. Good stuff.

    Teeny Tiny cabin said...

    I love how you made everything on your list come alive for me! I could feel the sun, the wind, smell the spicy leaves in the Fall and the flowers in the Spring!
    Thanks!, Mimi, for once again making the 30 days of Thanksgiving thought provoking and extra special!
    Have a wonderful and Thankful day & Blessings to you from the Cabin!
    Claudia O.

    Joyce said...

    It has been nice to visit around and see so many positive posts about gratitude. I'm thinking about keeping a list running on my sidebar all year : )

    Peggy said...

    Blessings Mimi...and such a delightful list of THANKS today!
    Your description of the wonder of nature was so vivid! I enJoyed each one as though I was sensing the wonder of God through it all! I never take for granted the simple pleasures of the day in the sky, the sun, a gentle breeze or a strong one but winter, I don't see much of anymore and even miss some of those white wonders & awakenings! I love the way you do your Thanks and challenge us to see
    the everyday blessings! Beautiful blue graphic collage!!! Love this!